Visually Manage Wait Lists

The end of written lists as you know them

When you are typically using a guest paging system operation usually dictates that you have to associate the pager number with the customer (or at least their order in the system). But the problem is, that pager number 56 and guest 'Smith' are often only written on paper. And what's worse even more often, is the complete lack of any solution to easily show the guest name and the pager in any really meaningful way. Things have changed!

Guest Sessions steps in

With Guest Sessions and a LRS guest paging system you are able to at last use the guests pager number on screen completely associated to the customers name! This makes tracking of guests and orders on the wait list visually so simple and by default the pager that is given to the customer is then 'tied' to the guests name. Examine the image below to see what we mean - it could not be simpler. This is of key importance when speed of service is critical to customers and the company operating the paging recall solution.

visually manage     john's entry

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From the image above we have shown on one entry that John is holding pager 28 and that his order number is 756 - this is impossible information on any regular solution using guest communications from competitive technology. The names of guests and other data is all collected for later analysis.

Notice the outer part of the circle entries above. This relates to the time the customer has been waiting and that section of each entry will change colour depending on how long the wait time has been. At 80% of the designated wait time the system will change the outer circle to a specific designated colour and if required will message a manager. In any case, even the operators are made aware that the customers wait has reached 80% of the target time. In this way wait times can be substantially reduced and walk aways become a thing of the past thus increasing the profitability of the operation.

Entering a new guest could not be easier, simply press the red + button on the bottom right of the screen to add guests.


As shown on the bottom of the screen, operations can see how many guests have been through the system today, the average notify time, the target notify time and the % sessions goal met for the day. All of this information is perfect for the operations staff and overall management to ensure that the guests are not waiting excessively long.

Sessions Started Today - Count of sessions started since today.

Average Notify Time Today - Average time to notify for orders notified today.

Target Notify Time - Indicates the set Target Notify Time for the Guest Paging panel.

% Sessions Goal Met Today - Percentage of Guest Sessions notified within the Target Notify time.


Please be aware that this data is only shown on screen and is lost after each day unless you have an internet connection and you are using LRSConnect. Woth LRSConnect data can be stored for up to three months for later analysis.

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