Reporting & Checking Key Metrics

Clear and accurate information metrics

There has always been a number of issues that could not be overcome when using guest paging systems alone. Firstly, while those solutions often work very well, there has never been any real way of collecting important data, checking, then creating reports showing key metrics that will undoubtedly help in the service and efficiency of your company let alone the profitability aspects. Secondly, if you message a guest and they don't receive it then neither the guest or you will be aware of that situation and the guest will not return. Both you and the customer will find out later following delays of one kind or another that can harm your business.

But things have changed for the better

Our new Guest Sessions system collects important data metrics that (with an internet connection) can be uploaded to LRSConnect - our cloud service. LRSConnect* allows you to generate reports on uploaded data or to export the data so that you can use software such as Excel to further interrogate the collected data. This data will without question allow you to manage and improve efficiencies, service levels and profitability. If you do not have an internet connection no problem as the system collects data locally and is displayed on the bottom of the screen in real time so staff have a good indication of performance. Serious users need an internet connection to benefit from the incredible business advantage that Guest Sessions brings. We recommend the use of LRSConnect to gain the most value out of the system.


The system can support up to three iPad's in total so multiple screens are supported; this offers an improved multiuser interface to the system. All screens will contribute to the data collection and all screens are synchronised.

Guest Sessions records every pager session for each account’s location - Primary data points: start, notify, stop - Calculates time vs. service goal applied in settings.

Access and download data and reporting online by logging into your LRSConnect cloud account. Monitor speed of service with data, analyzing the time between starting sessions, alerting pagers and completing sessions. Importantly among other data, the 'Label' field (sometimes used for customer names or even registrations) is also stored along with other details so later analysis becomes even more useful.

Lastly, our CS7 pager integrated with this solution has two way acknowledgement of messaging with the TX7470 transmitter so the system 'knows' when a message does not get received by the guest and will work to re-message the guest accordingly. The CS7 is the first guest pager that improves on LRS original design. Note that if you have LRS earlier pagers then those are going to also be supported.

No other competitive solution has these features or benefits.

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