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The Pager in your system is no longer just a number

Anyone who has operated a coaster call pagers solution will know how hard it can be to manage written wait lists and keep details up to date. There could be literally hundreds of reasons why a guest or customer might not be recalled when its time and all shortcomings in this area will result in either bad service, cold food or even reduced table turns. Using the guest name actually tied to the pager number and/or the kitchen order number brings things completely up to date and is not available in this format from any other solution we know of.

Making things simple


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Being able to actually name a pager with a customer name makes the Guest Sessions solution incredibly easy to use and very customer friendly. But by using the 'label' field as shown above for maybe a kitchen order as well as customer name things get even better. Importantly all of the information and the pager number is shown on the screen (and you can have up to three screens) so that operators can easily discern the exact customer they want to recall.

Linked with the fact that the screen also shows individual wait times and when 80% of the wait time against target time is achieved the outer ring of the entry changes colour it becomes an infallible way of ensuring guests get the service they demand and the service times that you strive to deliver. Even just a quick glance at the screen confirms the exact current waiting position of all outstanding customers.

When this setting is turned on, text fields are shown every time a pager is added. One field captures the pager number and the label field captures an additional piece of information that may be useful to your staff.

While guest sessions is implicitly used for guests, that is not strictly the only use for Guest Sessions. The ability to enter custom data in the label field is a massive plus that can make this solution useable to far more than just guests, customers or patients. In fact, that label field can handle vehicle registration numbers so that guest sessions can easily be used for example in a large logistics or warehousing site with multiple users if necessary to recall drivers to bays when needed. The uses for guest sessions with this sort of ability to add a 'label' in this way to the data extends the use for guest sessions way beyond what the original use was intended for.

Lastly, all of this additional information is collected and available later from LRSConnect* for further analysis so that improvements can be made as necessary in operations. Recording data could not be simpler!

Please understand that internet connectivity is required to use LRSConnect.

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