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New Technology Feature from Long Range Systems Turns Pagers into Guest Data Collection Tool

December 2017, Dallas, TX – Long Range Systems (LRS), global provider of on-site paging, tracking and guest intelligence tools today announced a new addition to the company’s free iOS application. The feature, called Guest Sessions, enables users to start new orders and page customers when orders are ready. Guest Sessions records data in the LRS Connect Cloud, providing valuable insights into operations.

For businesses like quick-serve restaurants or retailers with warehouse deliveries in store, the Guest Sessions feature helps minimize wait times and maintain delivery standards.

“This is a great example of how the Internet of Things is increasingly becoming an embedded part of how we do business,” said Michelle Strong, Chief Marketing Officer at LRS. “Today’s pager system offers a whole new level of visibility into operations that can be used to evaluate and improve the guest experience.”

The guest session feature tracks, records and stores guest wait time data and information from the moment a guest receives a pager to when they are notified that their service is complete and the pager is cleared. Resulting insights include statistics around service, guest flow and volume, staffing optimization, and peak demand. These metrics can then be tracked against business goals. The online portal allows multi-unit corporate offices the opportunity to contrast unit performance, ensure brand quality, and measure each business unit against performance expectations.

“This is an age where hardware talks back to us and software translates that into meaningful insights,” said John Weber, President & CEO at LRS. “Guest Sessions has evolved our paging solution beyond notifying guests to become a powerful analytics tool.”

Guest Sessions is compatible with both LRS’s existing and upcoming pager models. The LRS iOS application is available for iPad download in the Apple Store.

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The Guest Sessions release in the United Kingdom is generating much excitement among customers and new potential clients. It offers an incredible 'upgrade' for current clients guest paging systems, but also benefits new customers by offering incredible new features that are not found anywhere else. Customers have commented that guest sessions will change the way they work and here at LRS UK we could not agree more.

If you would like to learn much more about the application we can confirm that it is free to download on iTunes so you can 'get hands on' without any commitment, but if you implement our latest technology behind guest sessions then it is possible to gain important insights with key metrics about your business.

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