Multi Screen Ability

Now get complete control of waiting times with the whole team

Using any type of customer or guest paging system has a number of issues that can actually be problematic. For example, writing information down on a list is always going to bring with it some challenges when managing guests for example. Those written lists are static and they show little of the real situation where wait times are concerned. Delays in recalling customers will inevitably lead to problems such as slow table turns, or cold pizza collection or... well you get the idea.

Multi Screen Control

While some organisations are quite happy in using just one screen to manage guests or customers, often it is substantially worthwhile in having multiple screens for multiple operators so that each operator can 'manage' their aspect of customer service that they might be responsible for. But often the ability to use multi-screen features carries a substantial cost to implement and can be technically challenging.


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Multiple screen use for managing guest sessions moves the solution in to another league.

Dependent on your exact circumstance multi screen use can actually increase the efficiencies of involved staff exponentially by careful planning. Remember that all screens are 'synchronised' to show exactly the same wait lists so 'being on the same page' as everyone else is, is the default setting. You could imagine a Pizzeria where when placing the order the operative enters the pager on screen and hands the pager to the customer. Later when its time to give the order to the customer, there is a separate area where customers collect their order and that section is handled by a different operative. But importantly all employees see the true position regarding waiting guests and outstanding orders.

Up to three screens can be used and synchronised all at the same time!

It is also a nice feature to speak to the customer using their first name when they come to collect the order  - even when collecting their order from a different operative - something becoming more relevant these days and there is no doubt that your customers will notice that extra nice way of being handled and called by name rather than just by any old number.

Remember that there is a limit of three screens per transmitter, but the fact remains that it is possible on site to operate a number of TX7470 transmitters each with three screens. In this way the three screen limitation is actually not a limitation at all.

But most importantly, the guest sessions application is free to download from the Apple store so multi screen use (if you already have the iPad's) is completely free.

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