Measure In-between Service Goals

Determine and prove where service problems lie

Generally speaking, when using any type of customer pager system there is absolutely no way of knowing how good or bad your service levels are within the business until guests complain, but then it's often too late. With services like Trip Advisor or trust Pilot now readily accessible for customers to say exactly what the service levels are like it's important to offer the best service you can for your company. But without the knowledge of how your company is performing that is an impossible task.

Measuring key metrics has never been easier

Collecting accurate and meaningful data can show management how the company is operating in the key area of service quality, efficiency of staff and more. The great news is, that Guest Sessions and guest or customer pagers combined can now collect important data for reporting and other analysis later with Excel or other similar software. But LRS Guest sessions is far more than 'just' a data collection software application.


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For example, with this solution you are able to set a target time as shown above for customer service and any discrepancy can be seen on the screen in real time throughout the day. When times slip the operator is the first to know so they can take steps to improve before slow service becomes an issue and affects efficiencies.

A timer counts from the moment the Guest Session is started until the pager is notified. Once paged, the timer resets to indicate how long it has been since the pager was notified. There is also a setting to add a three-second delay that allows you to cancel a page if you accidentally press a pager button by mistake.

Some clients use similar data to determine whether the kitchen equipment or food path could be improved in some way, whether there are enough staff available at busy times, but importantly, how from this data these aspects can be identified and then improved. It is clear that this collected data can help management to determine if the company is offering the highest level of service quality, but also goes some way in determining efficiency of staff involved. Historically, there has never been any way of finding out these key metrics but with guest solutions for recalling historically uploaded data everything has now changed.

Guest Sessions changes the way you work in your company for the better and with those data insights there is no doubt that walk walk-aways will reduce and profitability will increase. At last, get that in-between data that was never possible before.

Please understand that Guest Sessions to work with LRSConnect requires an internet connection.

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