Integrate to ePOS & KDS systems

The ultimate Guest Sessions System

A stand alone Guest Sessions solution brings for the first time a way of obtaining key metrics for companies so they can plan actions based on facts. While guest sessions is an incredible tool in stand alone mode as regularly supplied, it is also possible to take the GS system to the next level. If you work with customers that operate whole estates and want to know more about customer service and the reality of that service then integration is an important aspect.

Guest Sessions integrated to epos solutions

LRS has of more recent times become more 'open' in the way that it shares information with developers and ePOS and KDS companies throughout the world. In the case of Table Tracker LRS developed an API that is readily available for developers to 'hook' in to thus making that aspects of integration much simpler than all other solutions. For table tracker and ePOS and KDS there was a massive take up of developers that integrated the LRS tracker system in to their equipment and it is likely to be the case with sessions.

LRS is developing a similar API that will enable developers and dealers of ePOS systems to easily integrate in to their ePOS and other back of house solutions such as KDS systems. LRS is always looking for partners that want to integrate our solutions in to their systems and in the case of Table Tracker we have a substantial number of partners that are active.

Moving forward to GS (which is really a subset of the TT API) LRS will release a specific API for that facility to developers.

If you want to be part of the recommended companies that integrate with either Table Tracker or Guest Sessions simply contact LRS UK and we'll help you to get fully authorized so you can add these exciting products to your portfolio. Remember that your customers will be asking for this technology in the future and from what our perspective is we see these solutions actively contributing to selling your equipment too.


Guest Sessions integration is supported directly from LRS by LRS developers and engineers to support you so it could not be a simpler procedure than when you work with LRS regarding integration. If you have some specific requirements the development team at LRS in Dallas are more than happy to help.

If you are a customer and you need integration of this system then either ask your ePOS or KDS supplier to contact us directly and we are here to help.

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