Equipment Required For Guest Sessions

What equipment is needed to operate Guest Sessions?

To get the absolute best out of guest sessions you will need certain equipment to make the solution work most effectively as follows:

  • iPad Air (or newer model) with Table Tracker application version 3.1.5 (or later release)
  • Router with internet access
  • LRS Connect Transmitter (T7470) with firmware 8.4 (or later release)
  • Pagers: Guest Pager Pro and Coaster Pagers (see notes below)



A typical example of the sessions solution and hardware requirements

As you can see from the above simple diagram, the hardware requirements are not extensive, but if you do not have an internet connection then other than very short term data collection the important key metrics that tell so much about your business would be lost. Ensuring that you have an internet connection ensures that you will always get the best benefits from guest sessions that is possible.

For users of the LRS coaster systems, if you use either the new CS6 or CS7 coaster pager then this solution will work if you have a TX7470 transmitter as shown above with particular firmware installed. If you have an older transmitter like the LRS TX9550LCM or the TX9560MT then you will need our upgrade for the transmitter. Please note we do take your old unit in part-exchange to reduce the cost.

For users that have the older CS4 coaster pager in use on their site, guest sessions will be available for support of those guest pagers presently. Other aspects still apply as mentioned above - you will need a TX7470 transmitter with the correct firmware and upgrades are available so that guest sessions can be used.

If you already have a TX7470 transmitter, there may or may not be a need to get the firmware upgraded. We understand that many customers have little technical ability so we are offering a service where we can offer an exchange unit with the latest necessary software already installed. The system cannot work with old firmware so it is essential that the TX7470 has current firmware to ensure correct operation with guest sessions.

For all customers, if you don't have a high powered router we have them available and if you don't have internet connectivity we can supply that also. While it is not essential to have an internet connection for the most benefit of the system an internet connection is needed for data collection up to three months. Without an internet connection then the daily information at the bottom of the screen is available.

Lastly of course you will need at least one iPad, but remember that you can utilise up to three units that can increase the usability immensely.

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