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Key Points

First to develop the coaster pager ...

We developed the first customer recall pager in 1993. LRS customer paging is in 40% of all USA restaurants.

First to develop Table Tracker ...

Table Tracker was the first table location system that confirms exactly where customers are seated. The system can collect data and produce key metrics that show companies insights in to their operations that cannot be achieved any other way.

Table Tracker is the leading table location system and completely accurate solution available today.

First with reporting for guest paging systems ...

Guest Sessions is the latest innovation from LRS and includes importantly full data collection and online reporting and/or data download. When using our new CS series of pagers for customers there is simply no other system that comes near to what these solutions offer.

CS7 has the ability for two way communications between the pager and transceiver thus making the solution completely unique in guest paging solutions.

More about our company...

We have been operating in the UK since January 2001...

While our UK offices have been supplying LRS products since 2001 our company has been around since 1989! In fact LRS in the USA has been manufacturing communications equipment since 1993. LRS makes a substantial number of products for around 15 sectors of business including restaurants, hotels, casinos, health and safety, logistics, opticians, marine and many more.

When you work with LRS UK, you are working directly with a manufacturer's office and there are no middle men or 'distributors' that often simply make costs higher for the customer. In the UK we operate a three year warranty against manufacturing defects which is the longest warranty available from any company here in the UK currently.

Often LRS products are completely unique, but like most things that are world leading products they are often copied but never equaled - and the new guest sessions application is yet another innovation from LRS that others over time will once again copy. But because our new CS series of pagers offer hardware innovation that no other company has then everything else out there is typically 'yesterdays' technology.

Our company is always open to our customers and if you ever want to come and visit us and see our operations here in Stoke on Trent then we would love to see you and show you around our engineering facility that daily supports and services clients throughout the UK and Southern Ireland.

Without our loyal customers we would not be in business.

Our company philosophy is to completely understand our clients needs and offer the finest products to meet and surpass those requirements while offering incredible warranty for peace of mind later after sale time.

Thank you for your interest in LRS and we look forward to talking with you soon.