Guest Sessions - Guest Paging with Reporting!

At Last! Visual Control of Customer Paging & Full Key Metrics Reporting

Guest sessions is the newest most innovative app that allows you to visually see all customers, their time
waiting, important target times, but also to be able to collect key metrics in data & reporting format.
Please note that the Guest Sessions solution can be integrated in to ePos and KDS systems.


Visual Wait Timings With Names & Multiscreen!

Ensure that no one is waiting longer than they should be. Use customer names for pagers! Inform the manager if someone waits longer than they should. Can use up to 3 screens at once for perfect customer handling.

Multiple Measurements

Measure exactly what is happening in the business for customers or guests. Be able to compare in-between service goals with targets.

Full Reporting

Now you can create reports either on-line or off line from the data collected with guest sessions and be able to consolidate multi-site data (on-line only).

Data Download

For users on-line download all data for analysis in your own application later.

Set Specific Targets

Be able to setup specific target times for customer service within your site.

Full Data Capture

Collect complete data from the system in real time and be able to interrogate later.

Time Goal Countdown

Easily check on any or all wait times with colour coded count down timers that you can see right on screen.

Simple & Smart - Easy to Use

One of the simplest applications available today, but with the advantages of countdowns, data collection and reporting all rolled in to one. At last your guest recall system is free from the shackles of other systems.

Track & Monitor Wait Times With Ease

Quickly learn more information

Find out more about exactly what Guest Sessions can offer and how it can record information, visually display, measure and report all aspects of customer paging.

Incredible Sessions Features!

For the first time really unlock the power of customer paging. Using LRS' free iOS application guest sessions
paging feature, you can start, record and manage wait times more intelligently and store valuable service information.

This revolutionary new solution is set to rock every sector that uses guest paging systems!


Visual Management

For the very first time you can see exactly how long each guest has been waiting, whether the guest waiting time is over 80% (the colour changes to yellow) and over time recalls of 100% turn to red. Manage guest paging like never before!


Measure & Collate

Set target specifics like target wait times and collect data about how your site is operating. No more are the days when you used to have to guess what was really happening and how long guests have been waiting.



Get the advantage! Now you can see exactly how your guest paging is operating from real key metrics. Be able to make informed decisions about staffing and resources without having to guess.

** Online reporting requires an internet connection